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Reaching Out for Liberty & Light: The Life of Frances Payne Bolton
A TELOS Production in association with History Enterprises
Directed by Thomas Ball and Brian Neff
Written by Virginia P. Dawson and Mark D. Bowles
Produced by Christopher Eiben
Running Time: 86 minutes
Copyright 2000

Frances Payne Bolton, politician, humanitarian, philanthropist, and patriot.

In 1940, the voters of Ohio’s 22nd district elected Frances Payne Bolton (1885-1977) their state’s first congresswoman. Through her 28 year service in Congress, she helped to shape many of the defining moments of her era, influencing national policy towards the Soviet Union and Africa, helping to transform the nursing profession during World War II, serving as the first woman congressional delegate to the United Nations, and rendering extraordinary service to her constituents in northeast Ohio.

In contrast to the shining aura of her public role, Frances Payne Bolton’s private life was shadowed by tragedy. The wealth and social prominence of her family could not protect her from illness and death. Out of devastating personal experiences came an indomitable spirit and an inner vision. Her kinship with “suffering humanity,” combined with the financial resources to instantly transform ideas into actions, enabled her to become one of the unique figures in American history.

    Bronze Telly
    Crystal Award of Excellence: The Communicators Award
    New York International TV & Film Festivals

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