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NASA’s Nuclear Frontier: The Plum Brook Reactor Facility
By Mark D. Bowles and Robert S. Arrighi
Published 2004

“We were young and eager and we felt like we were pushing back the frontiers of science,” wrote one nuclear engineer at NASA’s Plum Brook Facility. This pictorial monograph, a History Enterprises Inc. project, uses a vast photographic archive to tell the story of the transformation of rural farmland to one of the leading test areas for nuclear rocket components.

    Reviews: "I think the authors have done an outstanding job of describing a complicated subject in terms that non technical people can also readily understand. I believe it is especially timely in view of the resurgence of NASA interest in nuclear power for space applications. It can also help NASA managers understand and learn from past successes and failures, something many of our national projects have had difficulty doing."
    ----H. Brock Barkley, former Plum Brook reactor chief.